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  • The Festival of Oysters Traditionally marking the annual feast of St. Joseph in Ston and Mali Ston, we invite you to join us at The Festival of Oysters.
  • Our Lady of Angels, the church with a belvedere Make sure to stop and explore If our cultural heritage tells us a story, the story of cultural heritage of Pelješac is never-ending.
  • Eating and drinking On your way from Ston to the westernmost part of Pelješac peninsula, you can choose from a number of places where you can enjoy typical Dalmat
  • Recepie - BLACK RISOTTO <strong><em>Ingredients:</em></strong><br /> for 4 persons:<br /> 0.2 kg of cuttlefish<br /> 0.2 kg of mussels<br /> 0.2 kg of squids<br />
  • Recepie - OYSTERS WITH LEMON A true delight for gourmands are the shellfish from the clear sea of the Malostonski bay. Enjoy the fresh, raw oysters, splashed with a few lemon
  • Recepie - MAKARULI CAKE ( sweet macaroni cake) <strong>Ingredients:</strong><br /> for dough: one egg, a pinch of salt, a bit of sugar, 0.5 kg of flour<br /> for cream: 300 g of almonds, 100 g
  • Church of St.Nicholas Church of St. Nicholas and the convent were built between 1359 and 1393 years.
  • Church of.St.Blaise Chronicles say that already 1342 years began to build the first church of St. Blaise as a cathedral on the site location.
  • St. LIBERAN CHURCH In the northern part of town is the Church of St. Liberan.


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